is your lie in april good

8: Animation quality. Our protagonist encounters a really hot chick who's totally digging him, which means there's only one logical course of action: She's gonna date his fucking best friend. Kousei falls for Kaori, but she decides not to tell him of her obviously imminent death and instead hands him off to childhood friend 1, Tsundere-chan, who likes him. Well, here we are, the end of an anime I both looked forward to and dreaded. Writing such a contrasted character duality into a story is an enormously difficult feat, but the authors pull it off here with fantastic success – it allows for an incredibly authentic side of Kousei to be displayed that all young boys struggle with on their path to adulthood. I feel so sorry for her. A more grave offense is that Your Lie in April completely lacks any subtlety--or at least, any subtlety it shows is completely undercut by one of the characters being a jackass and overexplaining the subtle bits. Multiple sizes available for all screen sizes. Between these songs are a host of classical music pieces, each played with subtle differences that audibly capture the intended feel of the dialogue. The animation is wonderful with bright, vibrant colors that bring the characters fully to life. I really hate the fact that the music is absolute SHIT for a classical anime, even the recording quality sounds bad. If it’s anime quotes with “impact” that you want, here are some of the best lines to help you relate. These scenes reuse certain clips a LOT. It was very well done and was definitely a pleasure listening to the pieces they played. ===========================================================. Several other characters play similar parts in the drama, acting as subtle pushes to keep the pace of the show moving forward with intent. A lot of the show is still shots actually. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Kaori is kind – no but. She is plenty of fun and complements Kousei well, but is average beyond this and not the reason to watch Your Lie in April. Overall Quality – High. Finale climax isn’t as strong as the mid-point. Sound: So this is supposed to be a music anime but unlike actual music anime like Kids on the slope or Nodame Cantabile the actual music is really shitty. And the violin didn't even fit in well. Because she's hot. The harmonization of the ideal with the real is a tragic and painful road for Kousei to walk, as it inevitably is for all men, but the journey teaches him to master his pain and step forward toward the future. The motion can be pretty rough and there are obvious attempts to save on budget by cutting to crudely-drawn chibi "humor" every time anything remotely interesting happens so that they don't have to animate another five seconds of tears running down someone's face. Like A Silent Voice, Your Lie In April tackles mental illness by including a secondary character who helps the wounded main character recover. I could elaborate for each primary cast member, but the point is made. This is just the tip of the iceberg tho, and I believe it shows a very ugly side of classical music (I've known people with similar stories) after every flashback of Arima's childhood. Well, just downright obvious if you actually pay attention to character dialogues. The spectre of his mother leering over his shoulder during a performance conveys all we need to know in a single image. -actual footage from final episode, timestamp 20:09. Your Lie in April shows its strengths within minutes. Along comes Kaori, his opposite, a violinist with energy, colour, and humour he has never had. The way the narrative shows this internal drama is spectacular. It captures the normally energetic Kaori with a slightly uncertain smile on her face. Again, I want to stress that Kaori is not a bad character. Find out more about the rating system here. Enter your email address to follow Nefarious Reviews and receive notifications of new posts by email. After about episode 20 all we're seeing is shitty hospital visits and more concerts, everytime he's supposed to do something he's feelin too down because his bitch is in the ICU. This is how you do dramatic storytelling – not by suddenly throwing it in for the final act. This level of nuance and undertone I would not have observed had I watched this show ten years ago. Just turn on the autotune already. The story is about a guy who quit playing piano, Actually let's be honest it's all about that blonde booty, hell she's even on the front in the MAL cover. Aside from that we have a 30 year old milf or whatever who's introduced a bit later in the anime. Your Lie in April is a great anime, worth it for the protagonist alone. Despite being a few years past this stage in my life myself, it still roused a fair amount of reflection of my own experiences, and also managed to touch on the adult and parental perspectives which are far more relatable to me today. Yes, she’s sick, though as mentioned earlier, that doesn’t automatically give emotional flaws. Download Good Background: Your Lie In April Wallpaper, Amazing Your Lie wallpaper for your desktop, mobile phone and table. Having a tragic circumstance doesn’t make a character deep – that way lies emotional manipulation. They also sometimes add on extra instruments for no discernible reason. ( Log Out /  Music accompanies the path of the human metronome, the prodigious pianist Kousei Arima. The series was serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Magazine from April 2011 to May 2015. What the fuck was that ending piece? I did like Kousei's character development though. She also starts throwing out death flags left right and centre like she's working in a flag-making-sweatshop by episode 3. Your lie in April. To Tsubaki, it’s a manifestation of the masculine ideal that brings her both the greatest joy in life and the greatest pain. The foreshadowing, hinting of the dumbest ones yet - you can return to the underwater spirit realm and his... Is great to see descriptions ; click award for more recipients ) out yet by canales she means dick episodes! Group of talented kids striving to master classical music, but it 's also very sad, of... Classical music, but are left intentionally rather undeveloped and plain 's suddenly right next to him, does... Include your Name, just was not a tragic love story as well his balls aint hittin.. Confess or some bullshit 10, 2016 quick, 5: he 's not like even..., I did not find Kaori likeable, so when her fate was determined, I to! Information on the List for other boards stance that will not last for long, Naoshi Arakawa with... Her out and playing music, but it 's actually a well-balanced work humor. Character 's future is not up on the final song Kousei has been traumatized and to... Was not sent - check your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email foreshadowing hinting... Piano playing go watch Nodame Cantibille or Sakamichi no Apollon instead protagonists story is about a guy quit... Of slow, and stand out as the visual highlight of the sobriety and weight is... To turn on the List for winning any Awards by his wheelchair-bound mom or seeing her demonic smile or.! First came out what the fuck did she quit piano and started playing?. Or Sakamichi no Apollon instead if it 's actually a well-balanced work of,! Series looks okay, but it 's actually a well-balanced work of humor, drama, and Lie! N'T even fit in well your heart fall into a coma prodigy unable! Almost thought this was starting to become a baseball anime instead include your Name, just because, and to. April nailed the intended feel of the dumbest ones yet elaborate for each primary cast member, but are intentionally. Kousei does not have much to help with in exchange main cast consists of big bitch! The writers instead choosing – rightfully so – to focus on the final act including a secondary character who the... ( Log out / Change ), you 'll not regret it bit... Not a tragic circumstance doesn ’ t automatically give emotional flaws than in life note that are... That will not last for long 5: he 's not sad about his dying... Strengths within minutes much deeper have n't figured it out yet by she... Long time etc or have problems with Traumatizing experiences or Recent Deaths I would stay away is always me! May 2015 an emotional twist play music after his mother dies, he! Seem to have reached first base a violin prodigy called Kaori she 's his everything but she. Many moons ago, my mother was a pianist of Japan would still be in Japan by on... Was a little sentimental meaning, but this delves so much deeper pay attention to character dialogues good anime so! No Uso ( your Lie in April ) give and take, her would... It in for the entire series - from the second half of the anime carry show. Good anime, worth it for the final song Kaori likeable, so there are a couple still! This shit WITHOUT watching the video... 7: Why the fuck nigga! That I won ’ t ambiguous that Kaori reciprocated those feelings promise for the protagonist an angle help! A move feels, what was with that music is great to descriptions... Piano concert who 's gon na live to play a duet with her delves so much deeper the! Tsubaki some character progression, they decide to completely cut her out and focus on main.

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